Malcolm McAtee • Graphic Design & Web Publishing

Malcolm McAtee · Graphic Design & Web Publishing

A father, husband and interactive designer, based in sunny Philadelphia, in the groovy neighborhood of Mt. Airy. I operate out of a spare bedroom on the second floor of a 90 year old row home. I value plain language, common sense, and humor, both in my work and in my business.

How can I help you? I build websites. From a basic, one page site or something more complicated. I can help you clarify your needs, identify the options and find the right visual, and technical solutions for your project. I build sites that are intuitive, responsive, and visually compelling.

I also provide graphic design services. Logos, posters, brochures, postcards, stationery, business cards, postcards, invitations, flyers, CD covers, T-Shirts, you get the picture.

I have worked with the following organizations:

  • WHYY
  • MoFilms
  • MoMusic
  • Diamond Hardwoods
  • Diamond Teak Furniture
  • The Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • The James A. Michener Art Museum
  • The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
  • The Grand Opera House (Wilmington, Delaware)
  • Drexel University Steinbright Career Development Center
  • Philadelphia Higher Education Network for Neighborhood Development
  • Architecture Department Tyler School of Art | Temple University
  • Thomas H. & Mary Williams Shoemaker Fund
  • Time 4 Time Community Exchange
  • Weavers Way Co-op
  • Minam Furniture
  • Timmy Graham
  • M’Balia

How did I get here?

Like a lot of kids I was always drawing or making images in some way. Unlike most teenagers, I never really stopped. All through Junior High and High School, while my friends were making throwing stars in metal shop, I opted for art or drafting classes. After high school I landed a job drawing building plans and architectural illustrations. Getting paid to draw seemed like an impossible dream.

After several years of working, I decided to attend The California College of the Arts & Crafts in Oakland, CA. This was my introduction to the field of graphic design and was a really great education and a whole lot of fun.

I immediately applied my new design chops to the (at that time) emerging medium of the world wide web, and have been primarily working in that area ever since.

After designing a website for Drexel University’s Co-op program I decided to enroll as a student there. During my time there I learned a lot more about interactive design, scripting, and motion graphics. I earned a bachelor’s degree in digital media in 2006.

P.S. I have recently started a live radio show tentatively titled A Made Up Sound on G-Town Radio. A community radio station in Germantown, Philadelphia. The program will feature a mix of oddtronica, space funk, psychedelia, and general eclectitude. The show will be broadcast every Sunday from 9:00am to 11:00 am (EST) and will be archived on Mixcloud.